Sharon Adventist Youth Department

Adventist Youth Association Leader: Kenneth C.

Young Adult Ministry Leader: Joyce G.


Adventurer Club- {Ages 5-8}

Teaches our children about Jesus Christ in a fun and innovative atmosphere.

Club Director:  Acora M. / Assistant: Tina C.

Meets 2x a month


Pathfinders- {Ages 10-12}

Trains Youth how to become leaders while giving them knowledge of survival life skills.

Pathfinder Director:  Pastor Chatman

Meets 1x a month


The C.R.E.W.-{Ages 13-17}

Christians Representin’ Everywhere.  It is a Christian peer group that allows youth to express their day-to-day issues and probing topics as Youth.

C.R.E.W. Team Leaders:  Pastor Chatman & Drechelle L.

C.R.E.W. Religious Vice:  Shalyn S.

C.R.E.W. Secretary:  Jade H.

Meets 4x a month (weekly)


Y.A.M.S.-{Ages 18-35}

A group formed for Young Adults for social events, community outreach, and forwarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This department is merely a division that assists with various Youth activities and events.

Y.A.M.S. Director: Leesha P. /Assistant:  Kimberley H.

Meets 4x a month (weekly)


Youth Choir {YOUTH}

Youth that minister in song and give their praises to God.

Choir Director:  Drechelle L. Assistant: Vitina W.

Meets 4x a month (weekly)


Youth Sabbath School:

Cradle Roll – Toddler

Kindergarten-Pre Grade School

Primary – Grade School

Jr. Teen – Middle School

Teen(s) - High

Adventist Youth Association (AYA): (Ages 18 and under & Young at heart)

To provide spiritually based activities geared towards the youth on Sabbath afternoons. Usually meet weekly. While activities planned and centered around the youth, all are welcome to attend these events.

AYA Leader: Kenneth C.